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Hi o/ the members all wrote "letters" to each other asking about their personal lives, although they're only 1-2 sentences long and are more like questions lol

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I went to the afternoon show of SixTONES' Crea on the 30th of May! I know I'm pretty late and people might have already read about this on twitter or wherever, but I only just got back from Japan a couple of days ago and just got over a bad cold, and I still want to share how it was with everyone so I thought better late than never :'). My seat was in the back row, but since the theatre is really tiny (I think it sat like 600 people?) I could see completely fine! I don't recall everything due to me not understanding what they were saying/forgetting bits/too busy looking at Hokuto to see what the other members were doing etc, but I think I remember most of it :)

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SixTONES Crosstalk Duet May 2016

Hi o/ SixTONES talk about what they're doing with their day to day lives and their upcoming Crea performances.
They do this thing where they all make a sentence from saying little phrases one at a time, and it was a bit hard to translate properly. I changed the order they said stuff in and paraphrased it a bit to try and make it make sense, but it still sounds a little weird sorry D:

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Hi o/

The members talk about the rules they would have if they had a roommate and what kind of life they would want and things like that. The spiel at the start of the article says to fantasise about the love you'd share if you lived together... so why not lol
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Hi o/ the boys answer questions about "cool" things.
Sorry if some of it sounds weird... They swap between using "cool" and "kakkoi" which both mean cool, so when I wrote it in English it sounds like they're saying cool over and over again. :|
Scans from yoshiko_mama@lj

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So I translated another thing because I thought it was cute. Scans from yoshiko_mama@ LJ :)

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Hello ^^ These boys talk about what they'd like to do on their ideal White Day dates. I thought it was really cute so I decided to translate it.
Scans from kae_渣圆圆 at Weibo.

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I'll hopefully do the rest of the album later :)
Credits for kanji from scans of One Sexy Zone from mshinyingmio
Romaji and Translation by me :)
This is my first time posting a translation. My Japanese is only intermediate, so please feel free to correct me if you see anything wrong!
Also please don't steal!

Hellooo ^^

 This shizzle's confusing. I'll get it soon though hopefully. (y)

Yoroshiku ;)



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